Digger Specialties, Inc. is a Dynamic, Solutions based, Innovative building products manufacturer. DSI is committed to code testing and product design allowing us to lead the industry in innovative design and manufacturing excellence.



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westbury® aluminum railing outperforms other railing systems

Westbury® Aluminum Railing is superior to all other types of railing systems for durability, beauty, low maintenance and ease of installation.  See how Westbury Aluminum Railing compares with other railing materials.

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magena star® ornamental lighting

Light your way with Magena Star® Ornamental Lighting. Bring your outdoor living space to life with our low maintenance, precision-made DC powered LED and Solar lights. Magena Star® lighting offers you added security and safety while enhancing your outdoor living space.

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westbury® verticable

Westbury Verticable aluminum railing makes any deck or porch unique and beautiful.  Featuring thin vertical stainless-steel cables, Westbury’s stylish VertiCable railing is designed to provide for unobstructed views and comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Learn more

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