The "Hardscapes" look is growing in many homes and properties across America. People are expanding their backyards and opening up their homes into the "fifth" room. New colors, surfaces, and textures are now being used on homes, decks, stamped concrete, railing, and now fencing. Darker colors that compliment one's living space is now the norm instead of the exception. Many homeowners are staying in their homes longer and reinvesting into remodeling and expanding their decks, fencing, fireplaces, balconies, and backyards.

Digger Specialties, Inc., also known as DSI, represents a company with dynamics, solutions, and innovation. New ideas are the key to growth in this industry. We actively seek better ways to service our customers to help them meet the changing needs for better and different virtually maintenance-free outdoor products. DSI is proud to represent American made products and bring you the best America can offer. By producing products in one of our four DSI plants, we are able to control quality, accuracy, and timely delivery for you, our customer.

We welcome you to look through all of our virtually maintenance-free products...from fencing so you can define your space, to railing so you can create a welcoming retreat, to columns so you can make an impression. We are confident you will find a product to not only fit your needs, but to give you the choice to turn your home into your masterpiece.

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